4-Pillars astrology or Bazi (8-words) utilizes one’s birth date and hour to make predictions on one’s life events and fortune.

Basically 4P uses 5-elements theory, Yi-Jing and statistics to make predictions. What it tells you are just POTENTIALS, POSSIBILITIES and NOT certainties.

Some sensational teachers/ readers make 4P predictions sound as if they will happen for sure.

“You will have a serious accident next year!”

“Your husband will die next year!”

“You will never be able to conceive.”

It is a questionable practice to tell clients as if disaster will strike for sure. Some street level fortune-tellers use this trick to get clients purchase more services or “fixes”.

4P predictions are just “blue print” of one’s life which are subject to changes due to Feng Shui, geography, individual class background, birth place imageries and individual determination and motivation.

The above may explain why there are over 100 babies born per hour in the world with identical 4P charts and yet they experience different life events and fate.

There have been attempts to expand 4-Pillars to 5-Pillars or even more.

There are also attempts to shrink 4-Pillars down to…. half a pillar!

To your surprise, “Half-pillar” actually is the most popular astrology in China.

Well, it is my nap time. I’ll talk about these variations of “Pillars” next time.

Ken Lai