The words “Feng Shui” is buzzing in the media again— thanks to the grand opening of Venetian Macau casino on August 27.

According to Wall Street Journal,

“Though it is harder for the untrained eye to see, the Venetian has also paid very careful attention to feng shui, the traditional art of designing spaces that are harmonious and auspicious. Matthew Prior, the Sands executive in charge of building the facility, says he worked with a Hong Kong-based feng shui master to vet the orientation, overall design, and use of water in the facility. “We had to balance out all of the key elements,” he says.

Feng shui also played a role in the timing of yesterday’s activities. Per the master’s recommendation, carefully controlled crowds began entering the casino at 7:18 in the evening, a time that, based on Mr. Adelson’s birthday, he deemed especially lucky.”

This seems to be the first time a western casino executive admits that he uses Feng Shui in his casino.

However, at least in the western media, it is all “harmony and balance” talks which sound as if the casino is taking care of the well-being of the gamblers with Feng Shui.

But the Chinese media in Hong Kong are more blunt. They said most people believe that the Feng Shui designs of casinos are attempts to ensure the gamblers losing their money.

In other words, you should gamble in a casino with bad Feng Shui. OR if you hear a casino is designed with Feng Shui, you probably should stay away from it.

Don’t we feel sad that those cool, righteous and spiritual Feng Shui masters or grandmasters, are ganging up with the western capitalists to screw our beloved Asians?

But Feng Shui Masters are also human beings too. They can’t refuse a big fat check. There will be more assignments coming as the prelude of Feng Shui battles between Chinese and westerner-owned casinos already begins.

In the early 90’s, Las Vegas’ MGM Casino had an entrance built in the shaped of a giant lion mouth. Many Asians stayed away from that entrance since it symbolized being ‘swallow’ alive by a lion.

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“You win when you don’t gamble.”
(quote from Rev. Ken)

Ken Lai