I was in Mexico City teaching “Practical Date-selection Methods” two weeks ago.

While I was there, my Mexican colleagues took me along to their audit of the corporate headquarters of a major Mexican corporation.

The company has just moved to this new campus for a few months. Problems and lawsuits among long-time partners have surfaced.

The campus has 3 buildings on an area of 300 x200 meters with manicured gardens, fountains and waterfalls. Local TV stations come here often to film their soap-operas.

The building on the right side (tiger side) is the office building with the management and sales stuff housed. The building is zip-zap shaped like a staircase. It is the form for argument and hot temper.

The building on the left side (dragon side) is rectangular in shape. It is used as R&D and warehouse.

The building in the middle is a small building for canteen.

We walked to a certain direction of the office building and saw a pond there.

“Who sits in the office closed to this pond”. I asked.

“Me.” Answered the youngest son of the owner.

“This pond is called ‘white tiger sees mirror’. It will affect the person closed to it. The effects are surgery, accident or sudden death.”

I then told him when the events will likely to happen and how to avoid it.

My Mexican colleagues had just did an audit of a multi-millionaire’s home. That home has a swimming pool located at “white tiger sees mirror” location. The owner has two sons died of a plane crash.

In Form Feng Shui, there are two other “white tigers” that are also very inauspicious, but not as worse as “white tiger sees mirror.” They are:

“White tiger opens mouth”– this has something to do with the garage door of your neighbor. It affects woman of the house mostly. It causes problem to conceive or miscarriage.

“White tiger exposes bone”– this has something to do with landscaping rocks in your garden. It affect the woman of the house mostly, causing surgery of the uterus or reproductive organ.

These white tiger stuff are amazingly accurate without using luopan or calculations. They are taught in my “Advanced Form Feng Shui” and “Sha Avoidance Feng Shui” class.

Ken Lai