I was surfing in Google’s “Feng Shui” image archive the other day. A young entrepreneur has posted the graduation pixes of his metaphysics school there.

The pixes look very impressive . You see the young entrepreneur and his graduates dressed in PhD style gowns and caps. It is a little bit odd to see the young guy granting a super-sized diploma to someone who could be older than his mother. It looks as if the older students were granting him a diploma.

I told myself, “I should do something like that, requiring my graduates to wear PhD style gown and cap.”

“No, you should do something better than PhD gowns.” My little voice told me.

“Besides, nowadays, even kindergarten and high school graduates wear gowns.”

Then lighting suddenly struck inside my head.

I was in China earlier this year and saw “dragon robes” (robe worn by the Chinese emperor) for sale.

Now I can outdo PhD gown by requiring my graduates wearing “dragon robe”. They will be granted the titles of “Emperor of Feng Shui“, “Empress of Feng Shui“, “Emperor of 4P” …. and so on.

This for sure will blow away titles like “master” or “master-trainer”.

Only 20 graduates will be granted these highest possible titles, so book yours ASAP!

Ken Lai