While I was in Kuala Lumpur last month, I went to check out
the world famous Petronas Twin Towers. It was the world’s
tallest building till 2003.

These towers become the national icon of Malaysia.
Unintentionally, this also becomes the world’s biggest
air-tunnel sha or “Heaven-chopping Sha” in form feng shui.

There is a fierce FS battle going on between the Petronas
towers and the Public Bank HQ.

The bright-hall of Peteronas has a long straight water pool
pointing at the Public Bank building.

The space between the twin towers forms an air-tunnel
blowing to the front door of Public Bank sitting in front
of the towers about 1 km away.

If you do a luopan measurement at the main gate of Public
Bank, the left door and right door will give you a totally
different reading with big variations.

This radical changes in magnetic energy will affect the
well-being of the people inside Public Bank.

The financial performance of this bank had suffered after
the towers are built. So this bank has summoned the help
of a local old FS master.

This master is famous for his water dragon (WD).

He built a convex glass brick wall to deflect the water
arrow from the towers.

But how does he neutralize the massive energy from the
air-tunnel sha?

He has built a “dry” water dragon with pebbles to
counter-act the air-tunnel sha.

I do not want to leak his secrets here. You may go there
to decode the secrets. But it may be more than FS in

Public Bank’s performance rebounces after the “dry” WD is

While in Kuala Lumpur, I notice that it is quite “normal”
to see “double-tilted” doors– one tilts for flying star
and the other for 8-mansions (whatever works, I guess)

I’ve done a few pro-bono FS audits there. It seems people
expect to tilt their door there. My own “pai” avoids
door-tilting as much as possible though I also ’tilt” door
without physically altering the door in extreme cases. But
the method is only taught to in-house students.

Ken Lai