We see the words “millionaire” and “mentor” a lot lately. So I did a “google” search on “millionaire mentorship program”. I’m amazed by the varieties of “flavors” out there. But most are associated with real estate investment and charge from US$1500- 15,000 for the program. I stumbled into this site which rates popular real estate “gurus” and their seminars/courses. http://www.johntreed.com/rateseminars.html

You may want to check out the article “The real estate B.S. artist detection checklist”. If we change the words “real estate” into “Chinese Metaphysics,” at least half of the list are just applicable.

I think the most interesting article on this site is the analysis on Robert T. Kiyosaki’ s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Like everyone else, I want to know the real identity of Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad”.

OK, how do we find out if we have mentor luck? In BaZi (4P), Tian-yi Nobleman represents mentor luck or helpful people. Here is the formula to find out:

If the heavenly stem of your day pillar is:
Jia, your day/month/hour pillar’s earthly branches has/ have chou/ wei;
Chou/ wei is your Tian-yi.
Yi, zi/shen
Bing, hai/you
Ding, hai/you
Wu, chou/wei
Ji, zi/shen
Geng, chou/wei
Xin, wu/yin
Ren, mao/si
Gui, mao/si

Tian-yi Nobleman that is in the day pillar is more powerful in terms of predictive power.

However, women with more than 2 Tian-yi Nobleman could be prostitute OR very sociable.

People with Tian-yi Nobleman are sociable, have good mentor luck and likely become rich outside their hometown.

What if I got no Tian-yi Nobleman in my 4P? Does it mean I won’t get my millionaire mentor?

Don’t panic, you will get your chance. For example, if you were a Bing person, hai/ you are your Tian-yi Nobleman. When Hai (pig) or You (Rooster) year comes, you may have better mentor luck.

Ken Lai