Note: The following was written on Jan 31, 2003

Got your attention? Too bad, this is not what you think.

I saw a Discovery Channel program about burial at sea. Someone invented a new sea burial method– mixing the ashes of deceased with cement to build an artificial coral reef and sink it into the sea. So the deceased will become sea creature habitat.

Then a pal in Singapore emailed me an ad for underwater pagoda burial.

Singapore is a tiny country with limited space for burial. Some marketers think of mixing ashes of the deceased with cement and mould it into cement blocks. Then treat the blocks with water- resistant compound and build it into a pagoda. The pagoda will be sunk into sea with an anchor and GPS.

So do you think your love ones will be happy to be wet 24×7?

I think westerners may have no problem of becoming an artificial coral reef after they died. For Chinese, this will be a tough sell.

According to yin Feng Shui, it is a big “no-no” for tombs that are flooded with water. Extreme bad-luck and strange diseases will befall to the descendants of the deceased.

However, in these cases where the deceased are cremated, the effect on descendants may not be as potent. The ashes are essentially carbon.

In any event, personally I don’t like spending my eternity wet. I’ll tell you a fun alternative in my next msg. So don’t kill yourself yet until you have read my next msg.

(PS: The msg. had never been written because it was about space burial and the Challenger space shuttle accident was happened around that time)