Note: The following was written on March 28, 2004

I went to Shenzhen, the border city between China and Hong Kong. It is a busy city with many new constructions going on all the time. Many neighborhoods with 5 or 6 storey high buildings are suddenly surrounded by 50+ storey buildings. Their qi-flow and magnetic properties of the neighborhood are changed drastically by these new developments.

Shenzhen would be great to show Form Feng Shui concepts and principles. Many buildings are cramped in small areas with sharp angles pointing at each other. There are also different shapes of buildings– metal-shaped, wood-shaped, water-shaped and earth-shaped buildings. I’ve taken many photos for showing at the “Advanced Form Feng Shui” class in Los Angeles.

It seems that Form Feng Shui is more relevant in cities than in countryside, especially about how buildings become form shas to each other. A deluxe residential apartment building here has deliberately created some sharp-edged rocks in one side of the building. Not only it looks unsightly, but it will also affect the health of people in the building. In the “Advanced Form Feng Shui” class, we will discuss how to measure these form shas and how to predict when negative effects happen and affecting who.

After walking around Shenzhen for a few hours, I went to my favorite Feng Shui bookstore and picked up some bargains there. I’ve met a mainland Chinese Feng Shui practitioner in the bookstore. He is a strictly Bazhai (8 mansions) guy. So I asked him if he uses Bazhai in tall building and how to handle ming and residence guas mismatch. He always tries to setup door at “sheng qi” location and has fixes for it if otherwise. His favorite fix is “5-emperors coins” (ancient Chinese coins). He uses it for “fending off” evils and fixes 4P problems. He said there are no people using Flying Star in his town at all. I’ve asked him if it is possible to do wealth enhancements for people who have little or no wealth in their 4-pillars. We both agree that it is tough to do if the client has no wealth in his 4P.

After being chased by 10+ massage girls and 5+ fortune-tellers and numerous professional beggars, I got the hell out of Shenzhen .

P.S.: The fortune-teller scam here is telling the victim that s/he is going to have a major disaster and the fortune-teller can fend it off for a sum of money.

Ken Lai