This is an amazing case from my file.

A middle-aged Hong Kong couple immigrated to Toronto in 1994 and bought a 7th floor condo in Scarborough. The building has over 20 floors and is part of a big condo park with buildings which either parallel or perpendicular to each other. The buildings look like the following:

: A
: : :

============: : : :
Bldg. B
============: :
=========== : : : :
Bldg. C
===========: :

“X” is the location of the client’s condo at 7th floor. X is also the location of main entrance of the building.

After moved in the condo, the couple’s relationship deteriorates to the point that they sleep in separate beds and rarely talk to each other.

Relations between father and children are bad too. Both have problem getting employment or stuck in low-paying jobs. Both become socially isolated. Money luck is virtually gone. Health of children is OK but the couple gets chronic diseases. Wife lost hair and husband had thyroid problem and lost a lot of weight.

Measurement: Luopan reading at building main door is 0 degree– big void line. To be sure, I took measurement at 4 corners of the building and get same results. I had taken readings of both apartment door and the “yang side” (balcony)– the resulting flying star charts explain everything and explain nothing at the same time. But in the balcony, just move the luopan or compass 2 feet from one point, the reading changes 20-30 degrees. Owner said he had put plants in that area and they all died within a month or two.

This twilight zone area is exactly where the wall-edge of building “C” projects or cuts into building “B” and lands on the NW side of client’s condo. In form Feng Shui, this is called “wall- knife sha”. The master bedroom also locates at this junction. This explains the ill-health of the couple because their kids sleep at other side of the condo.

Owner has hanged a big mirror on the wall facing condo door.

According to the client, their across the corridor neighbor “N” had moved in with perfect health and moved out with an oxygen tank a few years later.

Ken Lai