The concept of “void” is important both in FS and 4P.

For FS, void line primarily means the borderline
between two mountains (90% of the case, there are
voids exist NOT in borderline, see my “Practical Door
FS manual”) and no “qi” comes into the house.

For 4P or Bazi, concept of void is derived from
matching 10 stems to 12 branches– 2 branches will
have “no matching stem” and thus they are in “void”.

When a 4P chart has void branches, depending on the
location of the branch (year, month, day or hour
pillar), it implies the lack of relationship between
the day-master (DM) and the relative (family member)
represented by the void branch. For example, if mother
palace is in void, it means DM has little or no
relationship with mother, separated from mother,
mother died early and etc..

I’d a 4P client who was raised by her grandmother.
She was depressed because she cannot figure out why
her mother had left her and had been seeing a

After I’ve pointed out there is a void branch in her
mother palace and is predestined to have little or no
relationship with her mother, she no longer needs to
see the psychologist.

There are many applications and interpretations about
void branches. Most are listed in my “4P Bootcamp”

Here is another way of playing with void branch.

First, find out the na-yin element of each pillar. For
example Ding-hai’s na-yin is earth (you can find a
na-yin table from the free 4P file that I had given to
this list long time ago).

For example, let’s have an imaginary 4P:

Year: Ding-hai : na-yin = earth
Month: Jia-chen : na-yin = fire
Day: Yi-wei : na-yin = metal
Hour: gui-you : na-yin = metal

Day void branch = chen, si
Year void branch = wu, wei

From the above, we know month and day pillar are in

In this system, NOT all na-yin voids are negative.

When a metal vessel is empty (void), it makes noises.
So this means fame (temples like to be built on metal
void line, for fame).

When water is in void, it means clearness. So it
means intelligence and righteousness.

When earth is in void, it collapse, so it is not good.

When fire is in void, wind blows in and become flaming
and gives out light. This is consider as auspicious.

When wood is in void, it breaks.

Conventional interpretation for this example will be:
– lack of karma or relationship with mother (or
– lack of karma or relationship with spouse (or no

With the na-yin interpretation: lack of karma or
relationship with spouse though either one may be

These deductions are not possible with strict
5-element or 10-transformation star (“10 gods”)

There are other ways to look at void branches, like
switching day and year void branch and switching day
and hour void branches.

The concept of void is even more important in
Buddhism. But that is a very long story!

Ken Lai