The followings are the top-3 questions asked by
students during my Feng Shui Seminars:

1. How to measure facing of a house/ apartment?
Depends on your teacher, it can be:
— based on the main door
— based on the yang side
— based on the water side
— based on the main gate of the building
— based on the mountain side
…… and more fun choices!

2. How to change “heaven’s heart” or Period of a
house/ apartment?
I have over ten recipes for this one, from very
expensive ones to almost free one:
— major remodelling
— open a hole in the roof and let the sun shine in
for over 49+ days
— strike the center ceiling of an apartment until you
see steel bar…
— stop cooking for a certain period of time
— move out for at least 49 days
……. and more!

3. Do you put water in the NE side of your house?
Depends on your teacher, it could be:
— OK to put water in NE
— not OK to put water in NE
— put fire, you idiot!
— put horses, you smarty!
— put what???

BTW, if you get good answers to these top-3 questions,
you may set up shop and drive me out of business :.)0

Ken Lai