Note: The following was written on Jun 22, 2004

If I tell a non-Feng Shui person to “plant” $1000 on the ground and grow a money tree that will give him one million dollars in a few months, he will call me a nut for sure.

Imagine what he will say if I tell him my Feng Shui class will make him a billionaire or millionaire.

Any Feng Shui tricks that claim to make a billionaire/ millionaire out of ANY person without looking at his/ her 4-pillars are highly probably fakes. Not every destiny can handle big wealth, esp. for people with weak day-masters.

Still not believe? You can check how did the descendants of great Feng Shui masters in Chinese history fare in terms of wealth and fame. Most of them vanished without a trace in history.

How about the emperors of China, who had the services of imperial Feng Shui masters? They were beaten up by the foreign powers and overthrown by their own people in 1911.

Shouldn’t the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan be more prosperous than the US folks, after all, they utilize Feng Shui more than any other countries in the world?

Feng Shui is NOT the determining factor in one’s destiny or a country’s destiny. It serves as a catalyst/ enhancer or buffer/ reducer of fortune or misfortune.

The primary goal of Feng Shui is to live in-sync with nature and not making money. Making unsubstantiated claims will degrade Feng Shui into the ranks of street-level fortune-tellers or jokes for comedians.