Note: The following was written around 2003

Titanic Feng Shui? Do you mean underwater Feng Shui? No, I just want to grab your attention.

When Titanic sank, the rescuers had recovered only one child body. The surviving crew members donated money and erected a monument unscripted with “Erected to the memory of an unknown child died in Titanic April 15, 1912.” The town people of Halifax attended the unknown child’s funeral in a grand fashion—he represented all the children died in the tragedy.

In the last few weeks the public TV here (U.S.) airs a special on how DNA scientists identified the unknown child’s DNA and tracked down his relatives.

Many of the Titanic victims were buried in Halifax (Canada). To obtain some DNAs from the victims, the DNA scientists must exhume their graves.

(Now some yin Feng Shui)

Assuming you are a graduate of any yin Feng Shui class, how can you tell, by just looking at the tombstone—if the grave is flooded, if the body became mummified, if the descendants (or direct relatives) are prosperous, if the descendants are lustful, if the descendants become outlaws,…….

An experienced yin Feng Shui guy should be able to tell without digging up the graves. Old tombs like the Titanic ones are great for case studies of yin Feng Shui as there are extensive genealogical researches done.

(Now at the cemetery)

The cemetery where the Titanic victims were buried was built on a hill slope. The yin Feng Shui would be reasonably good if the backs of the tombstones (and coffins too) are facing the hill slope. Unfortunately, this cemetery was designed more for the living than the dead. Tombs’ orientations are based on the pavements (pathways), so you have some tombstones facing the hill slope and some are opposite. The unknown child and quite a few of the Titanic victims’ tombs are on the “wrong” side, according to yin Feng Shui standard.

Besides the unknown child, DNA scientists also want to ascertain the DNAs of a couple victims buried there. They have obtained DNAs of surviving relatives.

When they exhumed the graves of other victims, they found the graves were flooded and no bones or any DNA-worthy materials were recovered. This is not a big surprise, considering the tombs are almost 90 years old.

Then they exhumed the grave of the unknown child. It was not flooded. But only a tiny bone and 3 teeth were recovered. A DNA scientist said that the tiny bone is an outcry of the unknown child to be identified.

To keep the long story short, their first attempt to identify the child has failed. Then they found the teeth recovered were baby teeth of less than 1 year old. Researchers have identified a finnish passenger with 5 kids, including a baby boy. In turn, they have located a relative in Finland and took some DNA samples.

Ken Lai