Note:  The original blog was written on June 14, 2006

My "Daoist Talisman for FS and Blessing" class was
held in Mexico City last weekend. The date has
clashed the Mexican National Soccer Team's World Cup
appearance in Munich.

Soccer is the national religion of Mexico, even their
on-going presidential election has to avoid clashing
these soccer match dates.

Then I've some "concerned" or "worry-some" individuals
on different lists expressing some "nice" and "not so
nice" comments about me and the class.

I thank all of these concerned people--- my class is a
sold out and have to add another class in September or

To alleviate the fear sown intentionally or
unintentionally by some "concerned" individuals, I've
taught the class two non-daoist techniques of
cleansing and securing a building and also setting up
protection shield for the practitioner. These
techniques are also applicable for FS audits.

We have done a class meditation. Two psychics in the
class can "see" Daoist and Buddhist deities in the
classroom filled with golden light.

But this class is not about religion or focus on just
one religion. It is more than just doodling. It is
about building up strong will-power, sincerity, good
intention and living a righteous life-- if you want
your talismans to be powerful.

I've stressed that Daoist talisman is only ONE of the
ways to draw talismans and there are over 5+ different
Daoist schools that have different ways of drawing.
If anyone claims his way is the best way or only way
to draw, the person is a nut.

In fact, there are more similarities than differences
when comparing Eastern and Western ways of drawing
talisman. Both involving pretty much the same
processes... purification of materilas, meditate,
invocation of deities or natural power, charging or

Students are required to design and draw a talisman to
get the class certificate.

Even to my surprise, this class has generated the most
laughs compare to ALL of my classes. It is rare to
see a class laughs at least one third of the time.

But I guess just the Feng Shui section on how to
handle Grand Duke alone worths the price of the

The next Talisman class will be in Mexico City again
(in English and Spanish) and then in Poland (Wroclaw,
in English and Polish).

Ken Lai