I was in Mexico City last weekend to teach my second
Daoist Talisman class there.

In the class, the mother of a student (let’s call him
Lopez) has terminal cancer and asked me for a favor–
draw a talisman for his mom.

I’d brought some Medicine Buddha healing cards which
are blessed and activated by me personally. But all
the students want one and I do not have enough. So I
have conducted a lucky draw. The chance of winning is

I want to give heaven a test…

The result is very strange and clear-cut. All the
students surrounding (left/right, front/back) Lopez
won one, except him. In fact, 4 out of 5 seats in
his row had won one, EXCEPT him.

Heaven has spoken clearly.

I gave him two talismans anyway– one for his mom to
carry around for protection and another for ingestion.

I’m waiting for heaven’s thunderbolt to strike.

I’ll go back to Mexico City to teach Imperial QMDJ
next week, just in case heaven wants me to be punished

BTW, QMDJ does not believe in fate. Everyday is a
good day except the hour and direction may not be
always good.

Ken Lai