Note: The following was written on July 25, 2003

Some people on this and other list have accused me of doing Feng Shui analysis without going inside the site. These people were taught the ONLY way to do Feng Shui is to go both inside and outside the house.

I do not say this is incorrect. However, this is NOT the only way.

There is a Feng Shui school called “Golden Lock and Jade Case” (GLJC, also known as “pass-by Yin-Yang) which is very popular in mainland China, especially in southern China, can audit a house without going inside.

GLJC is very form-oriented and has its own definitions of water and mountains. By observing the water and sand (mountains) of the external environment of a house, a GLJC master can pell out what had happened inside the house.

During ancient times, GLJC method was used by some traveling masters to get the foot (and food) into the doors of their potential customers. They walked into a village and told the people what had happen in this house and that house, blah blah blah and amazed the people to wine and dine them.

Like any other Feng Shui schools, GLJC has its own limitations. Its limitations are the advantages of flying stars and its strengths are the limitations of flying stars. Mainland Chinese masters are trying to integrate flying stars and GLIC in their audits.

There is a saying in Chinese, “summer bugs cannot possibly talk about snow, not because there is no snow, but they have never seen snow.”

Have you seen some summer bugs on the lists lately?

Some day I may teach GLJC to people with the right karma.

Ken Lai