Note: The following was written on Jan 2, 2004

I went to downtown Minneapolis today taking photos of buildings for my “Advanced Form Feng Shui” class (info: ). This city has a few buildings that are pretty famous in the architecture world. Some buildings here are great for illustrating Form Feng Shui concepts.

Like most U.S. cities, downtown Minneapolis has one side that has old buildings dating back to last century. The north side of the city was full of sex shops and adult entertainment establishment 28 years ago when I come here.

Now the area has re-developed with new buildings or renovation of old buildings for the “loft” craze, although a few adult shops are still in business.

I notice that the adult businesses here, including nightclubs, tend to paint black outside the building. In five element theory, black is water. Water is related to sex. Water also means intelligence. I guess one needs some IQ to get you know what.

I’ve passed by the “Dream xxxx” strip joint and am surprised that it is still in business.

I had visited this joint about 10 years ago. It has at most 6 performing girls whereas only a few blocks away there is a “Deja Vu” franchise with 60- 100 girls.

I’m not familiar how these adult businesses are operated. I just try to find some explanations from Feng Shui perspective.

What is unusual about this joint is that there is a big parking lot in front of it (not on its property)– a big ming tang (bright hall), great for accumulating water.

Then it faces west– the “wang” direction of Period 7.

There are both tall buildings on the left and right side of this joint– strong green dragon and white tiger. It lacks a good support at the back though.

But I think “Dream xxxx” need to “dream” more to survive when Period 8 comes.

The city has built a light rail station in front of this joint (see photo). The roof has multiple iron bars pointing to the joint directly like arrows. This “form sha” can cause accidents to the owner and employees.

Or you may argue that people may be mad at the city when they leave the rail and see the joint point blank. So they may force the city to re-zone the area as “non-adult” business zone and drive this “Dream xxxx” out of business.

This case reminds me of a Chinese restaurant in Omaha with lousy food but still does brisk business due to good surrounding forms.

Ken Lai