Master Guan Gong (or Kwan) is a very popular deity in
Chinese culture. If you go to Chinatown, Hong Kong,
Taiwan or China, it is not difficult to see small
altars with a statue of a red-faced guy-- that is
Master Guan.

Master Guan's altar normally is placed facing the
door, so he will ward off any evil spirits coming into
the family or business. Chinese also treat Master
Guan as a "wealth god".

Master Guan is more known for his extreme loyalty to
his leader. In Chinese societies, he is also the
patron god for BOTH the police AND Chinese Mafia or
underworld, because loyalty to the unit or gang is
important to these people.

I always wonder which side will Master Guan take when
the Chinese Mafia is dueling with the police.

Now comes the real objective of this msg.-- to see
Master Guan's unique 4P:

year: wu-wu (earth-fire)
month: wu-wu (earth-fire)
day: wu-wu (earth-fire)
time: wu-wu (earth-fire)

10-year lucks
ji-wei (earth-earth)
geng-shen (metal-metal)
xin-you (metal-metal)
ren-xu (water-earth)

-was killed in ren-xu 10YL, in zi-year

This is an extreme strong profile that prefers "same
gang" elements from luck pillars and dislikes wealth

When he was defeated and killed in battle, ren water
was subdued by 4 wu-earths and zi water clashed 4
wu-fires. All 4 stems and branches were shaken to the

Here is another fun chart for you to play with:


year: gui-wei (water-earth)
month: wu-wu (earth-fire)
day: wu-wu (earth-fire)
time: wu-wu (earth-fire)

10-year lucks
ding-si (fire-fire)
bing-chen (fire-earth)
yi-mao (wood-wood)
jia-yin (wood-wood)--- died in this luck

Ken Lai