Note: The following was written on Oct 25, 2002

There is a Chinese saying, “When one attains Dao, even his chicken and dogs go to heaven with him.”

This statement does not really address “Dao” but saying when one gets famous, anything remotely related to him will come and take a cut of the good fortune.

The Maryland snipers were caught now. The mass media try to dig up anything remotely elated to the snipers– their high school pals, their old neighbors, their remotely related relatives, ex-wives…….. Everyone tries to get his/ her 15 minutes of fame.

It seems when one dumps Dao (becomes infamous), his chicken and dogs still go to heaven— without him/ her.

BTW, yesterday on TV, there were many aerial shots of the duplex previously resided by the sniper-suspect. If you are familiar with Form Feng Shui, you should find quite a few Feng Shui clashes among the neighbors.

Ken Lai