This method is very simple.  In fact, I use it today
for making my c.c. announcement. It is based on the
day-master (DM) of the person (me) using the method.

For example, today is yi-hai day. Yi is wood and hai
is water. Water feeds wood, so today is a strong wood

In metaphysics, whatever I control is my wealth. So
Yi-wood is Geng-metal's wealth for metal controls

My DM is geng, so today is my wealth day. To make it
even stronger, I should choose an hour that is strong
in wood energy or a combination of wood and water

Since I'm a night owl and can't wake up early to taken
advantage of the mao hour (5-7am), my best bet will be
ding-hai hour (9-11pm).

So I make the announcement today (Yi-Hai) at ding-hai

For those of you who don't know how to determine your
DM and wealth element, here is how:

1. Go to

2. Click on the 4P Calculator link.

3. Key in your date of birth and gender, then COMPUTE

4. Scroll down and read the DAY column, the top box
shows the element of your day-master or DM.

You use the same calculator to find the elemental
nature of any day and hour too.

Here is the decoder for your wealth elements;

===== ==============
Jia-wood Wu, ji, xu, chou, chen, wei (earth)

Yi-wood Wu, ji, xu, chou, chen, wei (earth)

Bing-fire Geng, Xin, Shen, you (metal)

Ding-fire Geng, Xin, Shen, you (metal)

Wu-earth Ren, Gui, Zi, Hai (water)

Ji-earth Ren, Gui, Zi, Hai (water)

Geng-metal Jia, Yi, Yin, Mao (wood)

Xin-metal Jia, Yi, Yin, Mao (wood)

Ren-water Bing, ding, Wu (horse), Si (fire)

Gui-water Bing, ding, Wu (horse), Si (fire)

To push the logic even further, for example, if you
are a bing-fire DM, you find a metal day (xin for
regular income and geng for non-regular), metal hour
and facing west (metal) or going west for your
wealth-making activity.

There is no guarantee that you will hit it big with
this method, but it will enhance your chance of making
some money.

Ken Lai