Note: The following was written on Aug. 22, 2004

In 2001, Frank Nursery, a regional flower chain store had filed bankruptcy and had closed some stores.

One of the stores was pretty closed to where I live.

That store was in a pretty new (less than 10 years old) shopping center with major tenants like Target Greatland, TJ Max, Rainbow and Pet Smart. It is a pretty big shopping center.

This Frank store was next to a Pet Smart store. But it is at the edge of left side of the center, so there is no neighbor at the left side of Frank. To make things worse, the left side is a “sunken” slope or sunken dragon. The right side of the store is the right hand side neighbors, meaning strong tigers.

The “ming-tang” is a huge parking lot, which is as big as 4 football fields.

There is no back support for all the stores at this side because they were all built on top of a slope.

2004 is almost over in a few months, the original Frank store location is still vacant since 9/ 2001.

So why can’t shopping center owner lease this space out? In terms of monetary losses, it could be easily over $2M of rental losses.

I take a compass reading– 270 degree, big void line!

But how come its right side neighbors Pet Smart and TJ Max are doing well??

I let you figure out the reasons.

Ken Lai