Note: The following was written on Sept. 28, 2001

I have been placing my Luopans pointing at “Chen” direction (heaven gate) for a while. All my Luopans are “activated” by rotating clockwise 3 times above a fire.

This afternoon at around 12:30, I took my backup Luopan down to my basement. After passing down an 18 ft. carpeted staircase with walls, a very bad smell, much worse than sewage smell, suddenly filled in the lower region of the staircase.

My first instinct was to check the furnace, gas stoves, bathrooms, and all the electrical appliances, to make sure that they were not burning or leaking gas. They were all OK or not turned on.

I could not locate the source of the smell. But it was just regionalized in the staircase area.

Then I thought it must be power of Luopan which scared or drove a ghost or some spirits away. I had read books about the manifestation of ghosts as foul smell. Master Chang Tai-I said luopan has the mystical power of wading off evil.

So what did I do then? I packed my Luopans and got the hell out of my house, to make sure my
Luopans not damaged by these erratic energies.

I returned home at the evening, pulled out my Luopan and walked around my house. Nothing abnormal happen.

Kind of strange, my money luck is pretty good today after the ghost was gone.

Ken Lai