Note: The following was written on Nov. 12, 2001

Today (Nov. 12, 01) at about the same time an American Airline Airbus crashed into Queens (NY), my neighbor Mrs. X across the street was invaded by 2 robbers.

Our neighborhood was a peaceful one and people left their garage doors open all the time.

This morning, my garage door was opened after my kid went to school. Mrs. X’s husband left their garbage door open after he left for work. Mrs. X right-hand-side neighbor garage door was also opened. There is no neighbor at the left-hand-side of Mrs. X’s house. I have neighbors at both left and right side of my house.

All the houses were built by the same building at 1997. The designs are almost identical too. No house is more “stand out” than the others.

At around 8am, Mrs. X and her 7 year and 1 year old daughters were woken up by two robbers in her master bedroom. They tied her up and began ransacking her house. The kids were crying.

Mrs. X managed to free herself and escaped with her kids to my house, through my opened garage door. We closed the door right the way.

Violent crime like this has not occurred in this area for over 26 years, according to the police officers who interviewed us.

We were interviewed by TV stations, as the victims are too distraught to talk about the ordeal.

Can we predict this robbery from flying star chart? Here are the charts of her house. My own house’s chart is the opposite of this.

300 degree facing NW (ms,ts,ws)

Garage front door North

469 578 133
942 678 315
224 769 851 <=master br. on second floor

Annual star chart (adjusted for directions)
1 9 4
5 8 2
3 7 6

Ken Lai