Note:  The following blog was written on Sept. 21, 2005

Some people here show intense interest in QMDJ
divination. Hence I post the following excerpt about
QMDJ divination from p.150 of my "Imperial QMDJ"
course manual. The manual is over 400 pages. But my
focus is on "making things happen" and not on
divination or waiting for things to happen.

Generally speaking, if you have problem handling
imageries and associations with 4-Pillars, you can
pretty much forget about doing QMDJ divination.

Besides choosing auspicious direction, QMDJ can also
be applied to divination. The method itself is very
simple, but interpretation of result takes experience
and good associative power or imagination.

Predictions and deductions are based any OR
combinations of the followings:

* 9-stems characteristics and representations
* 8-gates’ 5-elements and characteristics
* 9-stars’ 5-elements, characteristics, shapes and
* 8-gods characteristics and imageries
* 9-palaces or bagua representations and

Besides the above, QMDJ also use specific plate or
dimension to make prediction, for example, to predict
marital relationship, QMDJ uses yi-wood of heaven
plate to represent woman and geng-metal to represent
man. Then check to see the controlling-nurturing
relationship between the two to determine marital
blessing. For sickness, QMDJ uses Tian-rui star to
represent sickness and checks which palace the star
lands on. Then each palace represents certain organs
of the body and hence figuring out where the sickness
is. There are numerous unique principles like the
ones used in these two examples. So it gets very
complicated to use QMDJ as a divination tool,
especially when interactions between plates or
dimensions are also considered. There are simple and
easier divination tools out there that we can use with
ease and cost less to learn.

The followings are some common divination topics and
methods used in QMDJ:
Business and economic forecasting
Marriage and fertility
Missing person and lost articles
Legal problems

Ken Lai