Note: The following blog was written on Sept. 22, 2005

Everyone is great here and entitles to his/ her own

Maybe I become an "establishment pig" or getting too
old to argue with you guys here, so I wish you all
have a good run and great time here.

However, I guess list members may want to see the
philosophical difference between "making things
happen" side and the divination side of QMDJ, so I
share with you a case here.

During a morning of last December, Tim, a relative of
mine who lives in Toronto, hit an old lady with his
car while driving to work. The old lady was
hospitalized for a few weeks.

The accident happened due to a sun glare tbat blinds
Tim temporarily. He admitted guilt himself privately.
The police has charged him "reckless driving".

In Canada, it is popular to get a paralegal to "fight"
trafffic tickets. So Tim got one.

Their trick of the trade is simple-- bargain with
prosecutor for a lesser charge. Tim had agreed to
plead guilty to a disdemeanor charge of some sort.

Tim had called me about the case---- this moment could
have been a QMDJ time for doing divination, to figure
out if he'll be found guilty, fines, jail and etc.

But I do not like predicting the future, so I did
something else instead. I set up the hour-pan (chart)
for his court day and calculate the direction for that
hour that may help him win the case.

I set him to walk in a certain direction (Xiu-Men or
Rest Gate with certain stars) and stay at a certain
tai-ji during the court day.

Everyone in the court was expecting a cookie cutter
case that should take no longer than 5 minutes. Everyone
was thrown out of balance when Tim suddenly pleaded "NOT

So the Judge called the witnesses, prosecutor and the
victim to testify for more than 2 hours. Tim had not
said even one word after pleading not guilty.

Somehow the victim was too eager to prove her injury.
She first said she was knocked unconscious by the car.
Then she said she saw someone take her wallet.

The judge the checked some law case books for twenty
some minutes. Then he declared that Tim is not guilty.

Everyone in court was stunned.

But more to come....

Last month, the old lady has filed a Canadian$1.5
Million lawsuit against Tim for physical injury and
emotional distress. If Tim had pleaded guilty to the
lesser charge, he'll have a tough time fighting this
civil lawsuit.

You may ask, if the old lady ask you to help in this
case, what will you advise her?

I'll not show the detail here of how to do it, but she
might have roasted Tim's behind if she use Shang-men
(Hurt gate) with some other stars.

There are also some minor Qi-men tricks for
litigation, like wearing certain color clothing or
bring along people with certain animal signs.

QMDJ is JAM (Just Another Method), not another "Feng
Shui Hammer".

Ken Lai