Note: The following was written on Jan 14, 2004

When Period 8 arrives, houses that were built:
1. During P7, will become “tui qi” (retreating energy) houses.
2. During P6, will become “sha qi” houses.
3. during P5 or before, will become “sha qi” or “si qi” (dead energy) house.

Some of these houses may still be able to take in P8 “wang qi” (auspicious energy) and some take in P8 inauspiciously energy. This depends on the original period and orientations of these old houses. The location of the door is the most important area.

Here is an exercise for you to figure out how the qi of P8 chart will affect houses built in older periods:

There are two P7 houses, one is zi mountain wu facing and other one is wu facing and zi facing. (ms,ts,ws)

Zi mountain/ Wu facing w/ Wu door) South facing
461 826 648
559 372 194
915 737 283

Wu mountain/ Zi facing w/ Zi door)
164 628 846
955 273 491
519 737 382

North Facing
Period 8 Chart
7 3 5
6 8 1
2 4 9


1. During P8, which house will have great prosperity, wealth luck and academic performance?
2. During P8, which house will lose lots of wealth and suffer health or fertility problem?

— Excerpt from lecture notes, “P8 Feng Shui Toolkit“,
© Copyright 2004, Ken Lai, all rights reserved.

Ken Lai