Note: This blog was written in May 22, 2007

I taught “Advanced Form Feng Shui” in Mexico City last

During the hour-long trip from the airport to my
hotel, I took enough pictures of buildings for class
materials and no need (or time) to use my pictures
from Asia and USA.

Mexico City is the paradise of FS practitioners- –
buildings here are designed to maximize every inch of
space, so there are many odd shaped houses (and hence
got to have something wrong with FS!).

New building designs are bold and wild (and hence odd
shapes), especially those designed by the young

My “Advanced Form Feng Shui” class focuses on urban
forms and cases, so it really feels “at home” here.
Students can grasp the ideas pretty quick.

The regions near the international airport look like a
bagua from the air. So it has an unusually high
incidence of “fork” junctions and trianglar-shaped
buildings and lots.

Trianglar buildings stand for fire, arugment,
high-turnover, murder, injury and accidents…

Another unique feature here is the small water tanks
on top of small buildings (under 10 storeys). Instead
of a centralized water tank for water pressure/storge,
each apartment or unit has its own mini-water tank on
the top of the building.

This feature would qualify as “peeping head” and
“medicine cooker” in other parts of the world.

However, such feature or “energy” is so prevalent and
considered part of life (or “normal”) here. The
effect of “peeping head” or “medicine cooker” becomes

During class, a student asked if the FS of a house
will affect family members not living in the house.

I answered that family members need to live in the
house to be affected by the FS of that house.
However, a family altar will affect them even they do
not live inside the house. So one needs to be sure
the altar is set up the right way to avoid misfortune.

Some students were scared as they have both eastern
and western deities in their altars. They wanted me
to talk about rules on altar.

So I’ve spent an hour on altar. But when they want me
to teach them how to use altar to change the facing of
a house, I told them that is a US$20k trick.

I have finished the course with two super tips– how
to fix toilet in center of house and staircase in the
center of the house. This two tips alone worth the
price of the whole course.

I normally have this “just this tip alone worth the
admission of this class” feature in most of my classes

That’s why they keep coming back to my classes here.

Ken Lai