The following was written on Jan 26, 2004

Let’s have some laughs!

A Feng Shui pal forwarded me the following fax:

Title: Feng Shui Broom that sweeps in the fortune
These brooms are specially designed by Master XXXX, a regional renowned Feng Shui master from XXXXXXXX. Although well known to many rich and powerful people in the region, Master XXXX has not forgotten those who are still searching for their elusive fortune. In his desire to help all those in need, he has designed two unique Feng Shui brooms for use in the company (heavy-duty) and at home (light-duty). Please email us for a full specification of the colored e- brochure.

Only limited editions of each broom will be sold to usher in the lunar year. Be the owner of these very auspicious pair of broom that is specially designed to sweep in the fortune. So order early. A pair cost only $__.00
This is another application of the “Master” title– hawking brooms.

If the darn thing can really sweep in fortune, any idiot will order the “heavy-duty” one! Why does this Master monkey around with the “light-duty” one?

It is easy to tell the “Master xxxx’ involved is a fake one since in Chinese culture, brooms are always used to sweep garbage and dust OUT of the house, not collecting stuff.

This is another “Feng Shui Anything” marketing ploy.

One day Master XXXX may come up with the idea of “Feng Shui Toilet paper”– the more you use it, the more fortune rolls in. Yup, there will be a “heavy-duty” version, so you may recycle it.

PS: If you really want to buy these brooms, I can forward you the email address of this company.