The following was written on July 20, 2007

"Never mind the dogs, BEWARE of the owner!" My
neighbor across the street put up this sign in his

A good doctor should not get sick and live forever or
s/he is a lousy doctor.

In reality, doctors gets sick and die eventually just
like everybody else.

A good Chinese metaphysics teacher (FS and 4P
included) should be free of the misfortunes (sickness,
divorce, partnership dispute...) or s/he is not a good

In reality, Chinese metaphysics teachers are just like
anybody else, suffer the misfortunes of life. At most
they may be able to minimize it or avoid it to a
certain extent. They will die just like everybody

It seems that some people place high expectation on
metaphysics teachers--- they should be spiritual,
infallible, do not eat, giving profound knowledge away
for free or charge next to nothing, no divorce, no
sickness, no partnership split, no employee problem,
have male descendants to carry their lineage, should
be rich, should be humble (better if they kiss your
ass) and wash your feet.

In short, they should be as holy as Delai Lama.

Metaphysics teachers are no more holier or dirtier
than whatever you are doing for a living. Like other
commercial or business behaviors, they advertise or
boast like crazy to attract customers (or students).
Few would make a living if they shut up and waiting
for students to come.

It is up to you to decide if you want to shell out
your hard-earned dollars to them. They do not force
you to give them money.

Free market mechanisms will sooner or later drive out
the ones who do not meet consumer's needs and

If you rarely or will not buy anything from these
teachers, why should you worry or angry about what
they do or say?

Ken Lai