A bridge section of the interstate highway 35W has
collapsed during rush hour at 18:05 today (August 1,
2007). Here is the details from AP:

http://news. yahoo.com/ s/ap/minnesota_ bridge_collapse

I live in Minneapolis and has crossed that bridge
numerous times, especially when I was a graduate
student at the University of Minnesota 30 years ago.
The collapsed section is at the edge of the west bank
of the University, next to Mississippi river.

Here is the 4P chart when the bridge collapsed:

year: ding-hai
month: ding-wei
day: ding-mao
hour: ji-you

A triple-ding day! Hai-mao-wei combine but not
transformed, all got tied up. Mao and you clash– the
collapse happened 5 minutes (adjusted for day-light
saving time) after entering you-hour– the day-breaker

If you visualize the 4P chart as a imagery: ji earth
is the bridge. You metal is the metal structure of the
bridge. Ji earth is burned and dried by three
ding-fire. Dried earth cannot produces or nurture
metal. Wei earth is also hot earth and not good at
nurturing metal. Hai water is surrounded by hot
wei-earth and burns by ding fire. Mao wood fuels the
ding fire even more.

To make matter worse, you hour is the day-breaker

In my “Practical Date-Selection” correspondence
course, I talked about:

There are 7 types of days to be avoided:
1. Year Breaker (Sui Po)
2. Month Breaker (Yue Po)
3. Day Breaker (Ri Po)
4. Big Consumption (Da Hao)
5. Yearly San Sha
6. Monthly San Sha
7. Daily San Sha

So this bridge collapse case illustrate the hazardous
nature of day-break hour. One should avoid doing
anything in such hour.

Postscript: A reader pointed out the bridge was opened in Nov. 1967…..

Depending on early Nov. or late Nov., if late Nov.,
then the chart looks like this:

year: ding-wei (fu-yin current month)
month: xin-hai (tian-ke-di- xing, clashing stem and
penalizing branches for today).

The bridge was opened in a ding-wei year (fu-yin current
month) and collapse in a ding-wei month!

Ken Lai