Now I know why most list members here or elsewhere
prefer writing nothing.

It is more fun to watch some smart souls argue---
"My master has longer beard than yours!"

"Your master wets his feet when he peeves!"

"My master can piss across a bridge!"

"I cannot see it, so it is not real."

"It's magic, you idiot!"

I'll not take side on these arguments, but if you guys
want to duel it out, I'll be more than happy to be the
referee... you want a gun, sword or knife? My
recommendation is the Jedi Laser Sword (available at
Border Bookstore for US$49.95). No one will be killed
and it has high-tech sound and light effects.

Here is a fun question to think about while the smart
guys are thinking over if they should have a duel:

Chinese Metaphysics is also known as "The 5-arts"
(五術). The followings are the 5-arts:

Shan (山)-- literally means "mountain"
Yi (醫)-- literally means medicine
Ming (命)-- literally means destiny
Bu (卜)-- divination
Xiang (相)-- literally means appearance or looks

Feng Shui, 4P, ZWDS, QMDJ and the likes are part of
the 5-arts.

Can you match them to the respective 5-arts category?

Feng Shui belongs to _______
4P belongs to _______
ZWDS belongs to ___________
QMDJ belongs to __________
Martial Arts belongs to ___________
Talismans belongs to ________________
Meditation belongs to ___________
Food therapy belongs to __________
Daoist thought belongs to __________
Liu-ren belongs to __________________
Spiritual healing/psychology ___________

All answers will get a "prize"--- a trip to my new
domain, just click the below link

May the Force be with you!

Ken Lai