Note: The following was written on Jan 18, 2003

Local TV news reports that an adult video and lingerie store has opened next to a Baptist Church in a small town.

One can see the giant sign “Pure Pleasure” through the window of the priest’s office.

Of course, church members are mad and voice their displeasure to local media.

The owner of the adult store then displays a big mobile sign outside his store. On one side of the sign says, “God say enjoy sex” and the other side, “Clergy Discount”.

The adult store owner tries to “love thy neighbor”. But his neighbor tries to drive him out of the neighborhood by complaining to the City and tries to re-zone the area as not suitable for adult business.

In terms of Feng Shui, it’s stupid to open a business or build a house next to a church or temple.

Church or temple has too much yin and spiritual energies that will deplete or draw too much qi from houses nearby.

Church belongs to fire element and adult business water element. So the adult shop will eventually goes out of business even without interference from church members.

If the church seeks my advice, I’ll tell them put a big cross pointing to the adult shop. This will drive him out quicker. Or simply hang a bagua mirror pointing at the adult shop, but this will be too pagan to the church people.

WARNING: Do not point a bagua mirror to other house unless the target is a super-scum. But try not doing it is the best policy.

Ken Lai