Someone’s reflections on their Feng Shui learning journey: (I read these from a Chinese Feng Shui forum)

Step 1: Read a few books and tried a few Feng Shui remedies and moved furniture around at
home. Result: SHIT!

Step 2: Took a few Feng Shui lessons with a Sifu, became very ambitious and did a major
furniture shuffling at home. Result: No effect, could not figure out why.

Step 3: Took numerous Feng Shui lessons with a sifu—dare not move even a piece of furniture at home.

Another person’s experience:
Before learning Feng Shui– wanted to figure out where wealth position is.

Begin learning Feng Shui– thought that I have figured out where wealth position is.

After learning Feng Shui–
dare not find wealth position.

Ken Lai