Note: The following blog was written in July 14, 2006

I’ve been in Malaysia for quite a few days, enjoying the
hospitality and free sauna (hot weather) here.

My first stop is Penang, a city that is about a 5 hours
drive from Kuala Lumpur. Penang has many temples and
mosques. It used to be a booming town with major American
electronic firms operating here. It is also a strange
place located in NE but declining economically instead of

I met a young master there and we went do a charitable FS
audit. We were warned that the house is haunted. The
couple living there has frequent quarrels and financially
is doing very poorly.

Normally when I hear the word “haunted”, I’ll tell anyone
to walk away and don’t be a fallen “hero”.
But I think this may be my karma debt to do it, so I go
with heavy protection gear— daoist talismans, blessed
water, activated buddha and daoist deities pixes and more.

To provide more safety for us, we choose wu hour (horse
hour), the most yang time of the day to do the audit.

The young master is a psychic and can “see” and communicate
with deities and ghost. I can “feel” the presence of

The haunted house has some banana trees in the tiger side
of the house. It is a ghost-magnet and my partner can see
ghosts in that area.

We first check the external environment for form shas and
then inside every room for bed arrangements and ghost.

The bedrooms look very dim even at noon when the sun is
very fierce. We told the client to remove the window
curtains to let yang qi coming in.

Client’s daughter said she heard crying at night. The
husband even sees an old woman apparition. Their neighbors
said they see “people” congregate around the banana trees
at late nights.

We found the daughter has witchcraft books inside her room
which is also very dim. We have re-arranged her bed,
burned some talismans to remove the yin energy and left.

We tried to go into the guest room. The door locked by
itself and cannot be opened. Later the husband of the
house jam-opened it. The room is occupied by the ghost of
an old woman. She is not hostile and has every right to be
there, so we leave each other alone.

Then we entered the master bedroom. I stood at the side
near the location of banana tree. I suddenly felt choking.
My partner saw a male ghost with smashed face. He
communicated with him. The ghost was died of traffic
accident 10+ years ago and had lived in this house. He
felt bittered and stuck in this dimension.

My partner tried to convince him to go to the “other side”,
but he had refused. So my partner has invited Laughing
Buddha to get him to other side. We have burnt some
talismans to cleanse and bless the room.

We were about to leave this room and I felt someone push my
back. I thought, “darn! the ghost comes back or another
one coming?”

My partner found this is not a ghost but the earth-god or
deity of this household. For some strange reasons, this
earth-deity wants to leave this house after seeing the
crash-victim ghost leaving. He asked my partner as
“witness” to see him go.

After settled all the ghost business, we checked other
parts of the house, esp. the kitchen. There is a bathroom
inside the kitchen and share the same door (entrance),
which is very bad healthwise for the woman of the house.

Normally I try not to do wealth-enhancing but focusing on
removing and avoiding shas, but this couple needs financial
boost quick, so me and my partner did an indoor “5-ghost
carry money” setup for the couple.

We told the woman to chop down the banana trees.

I had stomach problems for a few days after this audit.
This is why I rarely pick up FS jobs now because I suffer
physical ailments after the jobs.

After a week, the husband told us the banana trees were
chopped down, but the wife wants to put one in a pot in
another location! Husband is very mad.

I went to Kuala Lumpur for a few days and did quite a few
charitable FS audits. Over 70% of the cases that we ran
into have ghosts inside. In one case we met a woman who
was possessed by a ghost for over 10 years. She has
strange sickness and no medical doctor can find the problem
or cure.

When she met us and the ghost inside suddenly manifested in
front of us and shown strange face muscle and hand

My partner’s face turned green.

I thought, “Should I run or stay?”

Well, since this is a charitable case, we cannot run. If
it is a paid job, we’ll simply run and return the money.

My partner stood at the back of the woman, grabbed the top
part of her head with one hand and another hand grabbing her
shoulder and chanting the “Great Compassion Mantra”.

The possessed woman also sang the same mantra and doing
very elaborate and complicated mudra (hand gesture) that
are clearly Guan-yin mudra.

I thought,”is she possessed by Guan-yin?” Will we violate
Guan-yin if we busting this “ghost”?

After about 20 minutes, the possessed woman subsided down
and become “normal” again.

This woman lives in a house in front of a T-junction and
next to a Chinese temple.

She is a very devoted guan-yin worshiper and can chant for
hours and forgets everything.

My partner said the ghost or spirit has some grudges
against Guan-yin, something like prayers not answered and
become very frustrated and negative.

So if we use western perspective to look at this woman, it
may be something like she prays to Guan-yin a lot and does
not get her prayers answered, lives in very tough
conditions and gradually blaming Guan-yin for not helping.
This “negative thoughtform” becomes an entity in itself and
attacking the woman.

Back to this poor woman— we decide to get rid of this
ghost for her and do an exorcism. We must be crazy that

In fact, a few years ago, I’d dreamed of a woman blaming
Guan-yin for not answering her prayers but did not dream of
doing exorcism.

We put her in a chair and my partner and me work as a team.

My partner is younger and a bachelor. He does not want to
take care of my 3 kids, one wife and 8 fishes if I die
fighting ghost. So he can die if shit happens. He did the
hard part of fighting and driving out the spirit. I’ll do
the backup support in case he falls down.

The whole scene is like the movie “Exorcist”– I played the
old priest, reciting “Golden Light Incantations” and using
sword-finger to strike at the ghost in the background. My
younger partner circled around the woman doing
“sword-finger” and other gestures (without touching) at
the woman.

It was a tense 20 minutes and we don’t know what will come
out of the whole thing. Eventually strange noises and
vomiting coming out of the woman and her face turns

Thank god this ghost did not spit at us like Linda Blair.

Unlike the movie, my young partner does not jumped out of
the building. The older guy (me) does not have a
heart-attack (yet).

Her relative said she have not looked like this peaceful
and calm for over ten years.

But she is still afraid that the ghost will come back.

We have assured her that it won’t (hopefully) since
Guan-yin had taken the spirit away.

I know all these sounds like fiction. But if you do FS in
Malaysia, you probably need to learn how to handle ghosts
and spirits.

There are many more inspirational and supernatural things
that I see here, but it will be another long story.

I’ll be in Singapore in early Sept. teaching Imperial QMDJ
Practical and 4P Bootcamp.

Be a good boy or gal, think positive and then no ghost will
attack you :.))

Ken Lai