Note; The following blog was posted on August 5, 2005

From time to time, we hear people talk about someone
being in the right place at the right time.

Putting someone “in the right place at the right time”
is the specialty of Qi-Men-Dun-Jia (QMDJ).

QMDJ was created about 3500 years ago primarily for
military applications. It’s employment had been
restricted to the ruling class or the Chinese
emperors. Average people were prohibited to study
QMDJ for fear of overturning the emperor.

QMDJ, Tai-yi(¤Ó¤A) and Liu-ren (¤»¤Ð) are the the
top-3 Chinese metaphysical methods. QMDJ has
integrated the essence of Chinese metaphysical
concepts like He-Tu, Lao-shu, 9-palaces, 9-stars,
stems and branches, 5-element and yin-yang theories,
astronomy, solar terms and luopan. So QMDJ analysis
is extremely content-rich and powerful.

Here are the steps involved in constructing a QMDJ
“pan” or chart:
1. transforming a date and hour into stems and
branches (like 4P)
2. deciding whether this is “yin-dun” (fly backward)
or “yang-dun” (fly forward) chart.
3. constructing the earth plate
4. constructing the heaven plate
5. constructing the 9-palaces
6. constructing the 8 “men” or doors
7. constructing the 9-stars
8. constructing the 8-gods

This integration probably makes QMDJ into one of the
toughest methods to learn. Purple White and Flying
Star methods had “borrowed” components from QMDJ, like
the way stars flying forward (yang-dun) or backward

It used to take 2 years just to learn how to construct
QMDJ charts. Now it still takes 2 months in Taiwan to
learn the same thing. Ken Lai, the teacher of
Imperial QMDJ, will shrink this learning time to 2
days and eventually to a few minutes. In order to
achieve this seemingly impossible goal, Ken has
created a QMDJ luopan (free to students) to facilitate
learning visually.

In ancient times, QMDJ were applied in battles,
military strategy and training, self-protection,
escape, hunting, fishing, talisman-creation, wealth/
power pursuits, catching criminals, date-selection,
luck/ blessing enhancement and more.

Modern applications of QMDJ include negotiation,
marketing, getting loans, debt-collection,
competition, taking exams and interviews, legal
dispute resolution, trading, dating, shopping,
boosting personal luck and blessing, date-selection
and more.

1. Both FS and QMDJ make use of time and space to
enhance a person’s luck and well-being. But QMDJ can
be very razor-sharp or specific in improving the
chance of the selected outcome (e.g. passing exam).

2. FS normally takes a much longer time to see
effect, like months. For QMDJ, it is developed for
quick-changing battle-field environment, so the effect
is much quicker. For example, changing the tai-ji of
a QMDJ chart can take as little as 10- 15 minutes.

3. Some FS charts or physical environments are pretty
much fixed or hard to modify without incurring major
expenses. For QMDJ, there is no such restriction.
You can apply it anywhere, even when you are

It is inexpensive to apply QMDJ. So QMDJ is “mobile
Feng Shui (TM)” in some sense.

4. A good FS chart or setup may only be favorable to
the bread-winner of the house and not other family
members. For QMDJ, it can derive a good time and
space for EVERY member of the house for any
task-specific occasion.

5. Feng Shui enhancement needs to couple with
date-selection to achieve better results. QMDJ is
great for date-selection.

6. There are numerous Feng Shui schools and often
they provide contradictory suggestions. To a much
smaller extent, QMDJ has the same problem.

7. Sometimes Feng Shui needs the birthday of the
occupants. QMDJ does not need this data to apply, so
it is better in the protection of client privacy.

Methods like 4-Pillars and ZWDS have a strong dose of
fatalism— destiny is hard to change or at most one
got 20- 30% chance to change destiny.

What these methods do is essentially reading the
“blue-print” of one’s destiny from a birth date, not
what will happen EXACTLY in the future due to
differences in one’s social class, geographical
locations and the like.

QMDJ is very different in this sense– it is proactive
or does not give a damn on one’s destiny chart. It
tries to give an edge to the client by placing him in
a direction and time slot with the best qi combination
that will boost his luck towards achieving reasonable
goals (NOT miracle!).

There are 4 major schools:

1. Astronomical Qi-Men (¤Ñ¬P©_ªù), a.k.a. Qin-Dun
(¸V¹P)— this school did not survive, no descendents
to carry on the school.

2. San-yuan Qi-Men (¤T¤¸©_ªù)– this one is the most
popular nowadays

3. Fa-Qi-Men (ªk©_ªù)– this involves supernatural
forces and talisman and is mostly associated with

4. Fei-Gong-Xiao-Qi-Men (Flying Palace Small Qi-Men,
­¸©x¤p©_ªù)– a simplified version of QM.

Ken will focus on San-Yuan Qi-Men, although he may
pass a few Fa-Qi-Men tricks, such as making your
spouse disappear (just kidding, this trick will
quadruple course fee for dodging alimony and child
support). But tricks like finding a parking space or
removing a fish-bone in your throat will be taught if
time allows.

There are 4 types of QMDJ:
1. Year QMDJ for events that last a year or longer
2. Month QMDJ for events that last a month
3. Day QMDJ for events that last a day
4. Hour QMDJ for events that last one Chinese hour (2
— hour QMDJ is the most popular one, most Chinese
QMDJ books just cover hour QMDJ.

Within QMDJ itself, there are two major tracks:
1. finding the right place and time for some very
goal-specific activities; or determining if a specific
time and place is appropriate for certain tasks.
“Right time and place” means putting the client in a
qi-field that will enhance his chance to achieve
specific goal, like winning a negotiation or passing
an exam.

2. forecasting or divination: in this branch, it
forecasts the outcome of an activity based on the time
the question is asked or when the activity takes

Time and place selection is easier to learn in a short
time than divination. For divination, one has to be
proficient in imagery of not only in 4-Pillars, but
also Bagua, nine-stars, 8-gods and more. The
combinations and interactions between plates are
almost astronomical. So it is not easy for the
ordinary person. There are better methods to do
divination, such as Mei-Hua-Yi-Shu (Plume Flower
Divination) or Yi-Jing divination. Using QMDJ to do
divination is like using a tank to crash an egg. It
is an overkill.

I hope you can arrive at your own definition of QMDJ
after reading this long passage.

In one sentence: QMDJ is a method to exploit the
beneficial energy or qi dervived from the interaction
between specific time and space for a specific
purpose. This energy or qi has magnetic properties
that will boost the energy or qi of an individual
situated in that point of space and time.

Darn! That is too complicated! “QMDJ puts a person
in the right time and place to absorb beneficial qi
and maximize goal attainment.”

Imperial QMDJ is based on the 1080 “ju” or charts
written under imperial order. Ken has the 2100+ pages
manuscript listing its applications in detail.

Here are something that Imperial QMDJ can do:
1. setting up weekly or even monthly QMDJ chart
schedules to guide you which directions to take
everyday, to maximize health, wealth and other special
goals. This is very easy to do once you are familiar
with chart creation.

2. as an additional aid for starting FS remedies in a
certain direction.

3. as a FS practitioner, you can expand your service
menu to:
— Qi-Men date-selection
— boosting exam luck for client
— boosting interview luck
— boosting romance luck
— boosting wealth luck
— boosting business luck
— selling customized “monthly beneficial direction
— litigation support using QMDJ
— bounty-hunter support
— sport competition support using QMDJ
— shopping/ travelling/ recreation
— debt-collection help
— loan acquisition help
— marketing/ telemarketing/ advertising

— cannot do miracle
— cannot guarantee you hit lottery
— cannot make you rich overnight
— cannot transform an idiot into a genius
— cannot make you a FS master overnight

In short, QMDJ is just another method (JAM) that helps
improving your chance of attaining certain goals. It
primarily boosts your absorption of beneficial qi
energy to improve your CHANCES for success. By
absorption it means the magnetic properties of a
person interact with the task-specific directional

Generally speaking, if someone is close to the
borderline of passing or failing, then QMDJ will make
a big difference. If the person is a hopeless idiot,
nothing can help.

What is more important? Feng Shui or QMDJ?

Ken will answer this question in his Imperial QMDJ
class, including to what extent QMDJ helps.

If QMDJ is so great, why did the Chinese dynasty or
emperor surive?

Again, Ken will answer it in the class.

Here is the QMDJ seminar that Ken Lai offers:

IMPERIAL QMDJ: Foundations (2 days)
— major concepts, chart constructions
— chart type: auspicious vs inauspicious
— includes a QMDJ moveable luopan
IMPERIAL QMDJ: Applications (3 days)
— real life personal and business applications
— advanced chart recognition and applications

— if you max out your credit card to take this class
— if this is your last US$2- 3000 in saving
— if you have no patience to handle multiple
— if you think this class will do miracle for you
— if you have not taken any FS or 4P class
— if you don’t want to learn 100- 120 Chinese
— if you care more about theories than applying QMDJ
— if you have criminal record/s (QMDJ helps escaping,
killing and sex-preying if mis-used).

Well, the above categories account for 99.95% of the
online people here. This means I’ll have better luck
playing a guitar and collect money in a street corner
with good FS.

Ken Lai