Note: The following was written on Nov. 4, 2003

I paged thru’ a book with this title, “Dear Professor Einstein”. It is about the correspondence between Albert Einstein and some school kids.

There is a timeline of Einstein’s life in the book. He was born in 1879. In 1884, Einstein’s father gave him a compass and he was deeply impressed.

According to “Elegant Universe”, a PBS TV series, Einstein had tried to unified magnetism, gravity and electro-magnetic force into a grand theory.

Feng Shui is very magnetism-oriented. I wonder if Einstein’s father had given him a luopan instead of a compass, will we have “quantum Feng Shui” today?

Nevertheless, it seemed that Einstein’s home in Princeton (112 Mercer St.) had quite a few incidences of heart problems. Einstein himself had aorta problem and died from it. So it would be interested to do a “historical Feng Shui audit” of his former residence. But bear in mind that magnetic field changes over the years and adjustment may be needed.

Ken Lai