Note: The following blog was written on Sept. 25, 2001

I have learned this technique from Master Chang Tai-I, to regenerate a Luopan after it has

crapped out.

Master Chang’s “San Xuan Nine Palace” Feng Shui is very Luopan-intensive. During our field
trips, it was not unusual to have half of our Luopans (10+) out of action after measuring a bad qi-mouth like the “ghost gate”, in which the Luopan needles spinning like crazy, gave opposite
reading, or simply stopped moving. In some cases, the Luopan is permanently damaged.

It’s scary when you see the Luopan needle spin like crazy (ghost? evil spirits?). It is more scary
than ghost when you realize it will cost you couple hundred bucks to replace your Luopan.
Here is the Luopan regeneration secret:

(Make sure the luopan sit on a wooden desk or table)
1. Set the red line of your Luopan to “Chen” (dragon) direction.
2. Slowly adjust the whole luopan (not the dial) until the needle aligns to the N-S axis.
3. Leave the luopan pointing “chen” (dragon) palace overnight.

This will normally get the luopan back to normal. In severe cases, set it at this direction for a few

Also store your luopan this way, on a flat wooden surface, pointing Chen.

Why Chen direction? Chen is the “heaven gate”.

I have tested this method with a few luopans, even with one that was not operative, all come back to life and work. Just don’t ask me why.

Bonus Luopan Secret:
This is how to “activate’ your Luopan’s metaphysical power of (wading off evil power):
1. Set up a small fire (or candles or incense sticks).
2. Holding your luopan and revolving it on the top of the fire clockwise for 3 times (or any odd
number of times).

That’s it!

These are secrets from a very traditional and Daoist) Master.

Ken Lai