Note: The following blog was written in Dec. 1, 2006.

I’ve just finished the first Imperial QMDJ seminar in
Spanish in Mexico City last weekend.

This is probably the first QMDJ in Spanish. It
presents challenge to both the local organizer and me.
He has a heck of time to translate 500+ pages of
materials into Spanish and I’ve to tackle the
limitation of class duration.

The English version takes 5 days with 8-hours days.
In Mexico, the standard class duration is only 6 hours
(including coffee breaks!). We cannot extend the days
as it will increase tuition costs to students.

In the old days, it took 2-3 years to learn QMDJ. In
modern days, it takes 3 months in Taiwan to learn it.

If I factor in the time used by the translator, the
actual class time will be 50% of the English version.

So I am forced to put more critical info in written
form and let students read at their leisure.
Normally, most teachers only teach the important info
verbally in class to combat piracy. I’ve also designed
new learning aids and cheat sheets for accelerated

I’ve designed a “Magic Translation Ruler” that enable
students to translate QMDJ terms in a flash– to find
out the elemental nature, auspiciousness of each
element and if 9-stars, 8-gates and 9-stems are fu-yin
or fan-yin.

I’ve taught a hi-speed method of finding out
day-charts. It takes as little as 30 seconds to find
the chart once the day stem and branch (binomial) is

My Imperial QMDJ Luopan version 3 has some new
features: color and number coded for quick
recognition of elemental nature and auspiciousness/
inauspiciousness of each object. In addition to hour
charts, this luopan can also handle day, month and
year pans.

At the back of the IQMDJ luopan, I’ve put a highly
condensed “cheat sheet” that enables me to cut
instruction time by at least a day or two. Of course,
this really hurts into my bottom line. It also makes
copycats and pirates easier to learn QMDJ too. But
many Mexican students have sacrificed a lot to come to
this class, so I make sure they learn something.

The class is separated into two sessions with a
spacing of 6 weeks. The first 3 days are concentrated
on practical applications and the last 2 days on
theory and chart construction.

This arrangement enables students to test out QMDJ
before coming back for the theory class.

At the end of first session, I’ve given students 2
months worth of QMDJ charts (both day and hour charts,
about 4800 charts) optimized for
a. Buy/Sell and wealth-pursuit
b. Examination and Interview
c. Grand-opening and campaigning
d. Debt-collection and litigation
e. Construction and promotion
f. Recreation and health

Here are some results reported:

–A student got $5000 off WITHOUT asking when he buy a
property. He uses QMDJ good direction and seating

–A student advised his pal using QMDJ, who were owed
a debt by a dead-beat for a long time. The debtor
suddenly offers him an used car to pay for the debt.
Two weeks later, he replaced the used car with a newer
Honda car– without being asked.

–A student decided to test debt-collection chart one
morning. So he walked the QMDJ direction with his
dog. When he returned to his house, his partner said
the debtor suddenly called to pay the debt.

–A student advised her land-developer father on how
to walk the QMDJ chart and QMDJ seating method before
meeting a “very bad” customer. He was amazed that he
has sold 4 houses at a pop to this hard-to-deal with
customer without using much effort. He then has sold
2 more houses to 2 separate customers using the same

The common thread of these examples is that the users
do not expect easy results from difficult people.

The highlight of the class is when I talked about how
to apply QMDJ to soccer matches– everyone’s eyes
looked like $ signs. South Americans are crazy for
soccers. So we may see the Mexican National Soccer
team use QMDJ in the next World Cup match…

But I forgot to talk about how to use QMDJ to cross
the USA border…. may be a QMDJ class for the coyote
and a QMDJ class for USA Border Agents….

At end of the seminar, I gave students 2700 optimized
and task-specific charts, including one year’s worth
of wealth-pursing day charts.

I’ll be in Europe next few weeks….

Ken Lai