I saw a re-run of Ken Burns’ documentary on Frank L. Wright. Wright is hailed as the greatest American Architect of the 20th century. He is famous for his organic style architecture.

Frank’s life was full of scandals, tragedies and ups and downs. So the Feng Shui of his residence should be of interest to any inquiring Feng Shui mind.

Frank had built his Taliesin residence in 1911 and stayed there most of the time and till his death in 1959.

I have not visited the Taliesin site, so I just rely on the descriptions and map from the Taliesin website to do this “paper audit”.

From the website’s map, we can see the house shape has 3 wings, like a flapped “E”. In terms of form Feng Shui, it has a “run-way dragon”. This means the male head does not want to stay home too much and problem getting helping people.

In real life, Wright was not closed to his children or wife and treated his buildings like his children. Wright’s father had dumped his mother. Frank hated his birth father to the guts and did not go to his funeral. Yet Frank did the same to his wife. History repeated itself.

There are two wings at the right side– two white tigers! Wright got a mistress openly and created a scandal (it was conservative at the turn of the century).

At the back of the house, there is a pond. But the house is built on a slope, so if it rains, water should flow from the house to the pond. This meant that the owner would not be able to keep his money.

This house had two fires over the years. One had happened in August 1914 with a murder of 7 people. Frank’s mistress and her 2 children was murdered by a male servant with an axe, who then set fire to the residential wing of the house.

Frank had rebuilt the house and called it Taliesin II. It then was burnt in April 1925. Frank again had rebuilt it and called it Taliesin III.

From the description of the website, the flying chart looks like this: (ms,ts,ws)

S sitting
521 175 393
E 412 639 857 W
966 284 748
facing N

The chart smells blood and fire all over! The 7 water star in the west sees water which would activate injury by metal (5-7). The ms 3 is thrown into water (pond at the back). This would hurt people (murder here). 9-6 in the NE, NE refers to son or male servant in business relationship. 9-6 means mental problem. Center palace is 6-9 which means disobedient son or subordinate.

Ken Lai