If you give a kid a hammer, pretty soon he will try to do everything with a hammer.

On the other hand, a surgeon does not do a surgery with just a hammer. He may use a saw, scissors, cutters, drill and etc.

In the Feng Shui world today, the Feng Shui hammer is Xuan Kong Flying Stars (Feng Shui). To some people, XK Feng Shui is the universal key to any Feng Shui problem.

At the low end, some people, after taking a simple Flying Star correspondence course and rush out to do Feng Shui audits, because the author said that Flying Star is the “most advanced Feng Shui” method. We also see some people doing audits after reading the “Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui” book.

At the high end, we see some Feng Shui marketers selling expensive “Xuan Kong” classes at US$4-900 a day, boasting the “ultimate XK secrets” that can predict and cure anything, including hair loss.

Indeed, XK Feng Shui is great for doing shows– I can walk into a house, do a XK Feng Shui audit, tell the owner what had happened in the past, predict the future and almost 100% sure I will hit something right. So XK Feng Shui is a great “show” tool for Feng Shui practitioners.

So what are the secrets behind this impressive “predictive power”? I’ll tell you if you promise me that you won’t tell any soul or some Feng Shui marketers will be out of business.

The secrets are in the interpretations of “81 combinations” and how to manipulate the stars in 9 palaces.

To make it easier to understand, let’s assume we do horse-betting. If a race has 9 horses (flying star method has 9 stars), we bet on only 1 horse, the probability of winning is 1/9, 2 horses will be 2/9, 3 horses will be 1/3, and if you bet on all 9 horses, you will get the winning horses for sure.

In XK Feng Shui, each palace has 3 stars– mountain star (ms), water star (ws) and period star (ps). In addition, we have annual star (as), di pan (dp) and even monthly star. This means we have the potential of getting 5 or 6 stars out of a total of 9 stars in one palace. So the odd is favorable to the guesser or practitioner.

Then the pot gets sweeter– imagine you can guess not just once but 9 times– 3 horses each time (3 stars in each palace, 9 palaces total) !

It is very difficult NOT to get something right.

Still don’t get it? OK, let me list the potential combinations here (I omitted monthly star for

ms with ws
ms with ps
ms with dp