Note: The following was written on Feb.7, 2002

Here is a sample question from the Kenny Porter School for Feng Shui Wizards. The case is real. Someone actually had died.

The event had happened in a monastery in Nationalist China in July, 1924 (5th moon in Chinese calendar).

No construction date is given.

No move-in date is given.

1924 was Period 4.

Here is the case material:

Two monks were living in one of the rooms in the monastery. One was a senior and the other as a junior monk. The junior monk had a ming-gua of 9-purple fire.

In July 1924, the senior monk felt sick and moved out of that room. The junior monk stayed and died of sickness.

No info on the nature of sickness given.

Given the above data, how do you track down the Feng Shui “pathology” of this case? In other words, why did the poor monk die?

Now you can put on your thinking hat.

Ken Lai