Note: The following blog was written on Feb. 8, 2005

I've just seen a CNN News report about red underpants
with dragon labels are hot sellers in Hong Kong.

The creator of the pants tell people to wear that
dragon label red underpant throughout Rooster year.
He reminds people to wash it though.

Hong Kong merchants are so considerate.

So why dragon label and why red color?

Rooster is the Grand Duke (GD) of the year. People
with animal sign rooster is said to be "violating GD"
and those with Rabbit sign is "clashing GD".

Rooster is "you" (yin metal), rabbit is "mao" (yin
wood), dragon is "chen" (yang earth) in the language
of Chinese astrology.

Chen and you combines to form metal. When dragon and
rooster (GD) "flirt" to each other, GD will forget to
create hell for people with rooster and mao animal
sign-- according to the rule of 12 earthly branches.

So people carry dragon-related items to "side-track"

Since Rooster also form "3-unity" with snake (si) and
ox (chou), we have two more animals to distract GD.
This is great for people who have dog animal sign, as
dragon clashes dog (xu).

Why red color underpant? On the basic psyche level, red represents
lucky color for the Chinese.

On metaphysical level, red is fire. Fire produces
earth and also controls metal.

Rooster is metal. Whatever I control is wealth in 4P
astrology. So a red dragon underpant becomes fire
(red) produces earth (dragon) and earth produces metal
(rooster) and metal becomes wealth.

Chinese New Year will be here in a few hours (I mean
here in Midwest, USA), let me give you a free lesson
in Business FS on how to create a FS merchandise.

First of all, we need to outdo this dragon underpant
guy by designing a pregnant dragon label for more
dragon power.

Then my kids' favorite cartoon "Sponge Bob Square
Pants" gives me another punch.

Square means earth in 5-element theory. So our pants
must be square in shape.

We add more colors for variety, but it needs to be
within the red spectrum, like purple and orange

In order to monopolize the market, we will advertise
that all pants will be blessed by Dragonball (me) for
maximum wealth creation power. This will ensure no
copycats, as there is only one Dragonball guy in the world.

To ensure people buying official Dragonball pants, we
will say if you use any knockoff products, your
precious "instrument" may fall off.

You may ask, "What happen if people do not get extra
wealth after wearing your dragon square pants?"

Don't worry, when you have enough people buying these
pants, statistics will take care of it. Some people
will make extra cash and we just use them as
testimonials and forget the rest. Others will be too embarrass to
admit wearing our pants.

"Is this ethical?"

Well, we report everything that are truth, nothing but
the truth, as far as we are concerned.

We just forget to report some minor details.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Ken Lai