Note: This message was originally written on June 18, 2007

Current month is bing-wu month– a very strong fire month.

People with 4P charts that dislike fire should be careful
during bing-wu month. I’ve seen quite a few heart-related
incidents pop up this month.

People with heart, eye or blood conditions should avoid
doing surgery or traveling or doing any heavy activities in
June 21, 29 and 30. It is even better to avoid major
activities during bing-wu month.

One positive note about bing-wu month is the Dragon-boat
festival falls in this month (June 19). You may want to
collect some “extreme yang water” at wu hour (11- 13:00) by
simply collecting water from your water tap tomorrow.

This “extreme yang water’ is good for expelling yin or
stagnant energy away. You may use it to clean your home or
spray it around your house.

You can ‘stock’ up a few gallons of this water for later
year-round uses or cleansing.

Ken Lai