Traditionally speaking, if someone is very good at FS,
people call him “Earth Deity”. For example, Master
Yang-Save-the-Poor was regarded as one of the “Earth

This tradition carries on in Taiwan and to some
extent, in Hong Kong. So now you should know that
“master” and and “GM” titles are not that great.
“Earth Deity” is the ultimate title that people bestow
on a FS practitioner.

It is easy to have your pals or students to label you
as “master” or “GM”, but it won’t be easy to achieve
the “earth deity” title nowadays.

However, getting people to call you “Semi-Earth Deity”
is a piece of cake, just make sure you don’t doze off
during this talk.

The following case will show you the principle.

A client of mine bought a 4000 sq. ft. rambler (single
level house, not counting basement) on a 20000 sq.
ft. lot. She did not give me any info about the house
other than it was built in 1951. These are what I saw
outside that house:

— L-shaped house, with the “L” laid down (like a 7),
so the right side of house is longer and pointing at
opposite direction of the facing.
— the house is sitting east and facing west.
— a big swimming pool in the east side.
— the house is located in a corner lot, at the
junction of a main road and side street, so the road
looks like a semi-circle embracing the rambler.
— the ming-tong (phoenix) is huge, almost 200 ft from
the main door to the road, and then another half a
mile of space across the street.
— there are trees surrounding the house, but a giant
willow tree stands on the northwest side of the house
— a sharp roof-top of the left side neighbor’s house
points at the southwest side of this house.

Based on these form info, before I entering the house,
I told the client,” This house is good for wealth.
The previous owner should have good wealth luck. The
females in this house are strong-willed or dominant
over men. Poor spousal relationship. Husband cheats.
The couple might have been divorced. The female head
of the house might have a major accident or illness.
I will tell you when the event has occurred and the
nature of sickness or accident when I do some
calculations later.”

My client was staring at me like that I’m a psychic.

She bought the house from a friend who is a local TV
personality. This TV woman makes (let’s call her Jane)
over US$1M a year. Jane got divorced with husband
after moving into this house. Client said Jane’s
ex-hubby flirts with women even in the presence of

Jane had a freak accident a few years ago and caused
some severe problems to her XXXXX (can’t disclose or
people here can identify this person) and stopped her
from performing. Before my client told me about the
sickness, I was able to tell her when it had happened
and what part of the body had problem.

Client’s husband is a medical specialist in treating
Jane’s problem. Jane also has communication problems
with her 2 teenage daughters.

My client now treats every word I say as the ultimate
truth. Scenario like this one, if happens in Taiwan,
can easily get me a “Semi-earth Deity” title from

This part of the lecture is called “Earth Deity 101”
because I’m going to show you how e-a-s-y it is to do
something like this.

In order to make predictions like the above, you have
to know the meanings and representations of ba gua,
like northwest is qian, represents father, oldest male
in the house, head, lungs, bones; southwest is kun,
represents mother, oldest female in the house, spleen,
stomach, and the likes. Then you need to have basic
knowledge of forms, like the 4 animals model– green
dragon, white tiger, phoenix and black turtle.
Additional knowledge of Purple White Method, Flying
Star and San He calculations will enhance the accuracy
of your predictions, but not essential.

Do you want to try explaining the above example with
your knowledge of ba gua?

Ken Lai