Note: The following blog was written in May 21, 2005

A few weeks ago, I have talked about “4P Penalty” and
ended with a trick song to remember 7 penalty
formula: Here is the trick song:

“A chick with a PhD tries to teach a mentally retarded
dog to play SM with a tiger.”

You may search the list archive for “4P Penalty No
More” to decode it. Today, I’ll wrap up this 4P
penalty series by discussing 3-penalties. To refresh
your memory, here are the “3-penalities”:

Zi – mao (Mouse – Rabbit)
Si – shen – yin (Snake-Monkey-Tiger)
Xu – chou – wei (Dog-Ox-Goat)

Ordinary people, when hearing the words, “You have a
3-penalties coming!”, will scare the daylight out of
them. One penalty is already chilling to them and now
comes three! So the natural responses may be, “4P
master, do you have any method to neutralize it?”

To some less than decent 4P readers, 3-penalties are
their tickets to more businesses. They will offer
“methods” to minimize 3-penalties and sometimes even
manage to sneak in a FS audit job.

If you are a 4P reader, you will always win with
3-penalties. You can tell your client that he may
become rich and famous IF he is a gentleman or lose
his shirt if he is a scumbag. Most people will think
that they are gentlemen. If misfortune happens, then
they think, “Probably I’m not a gentleman after all.”
If they become rich and famous, they will think, “Gee,
4P Ken is really something, predicted my good

When a “righteous person” or gentleman encounters
3-penalties, it is likely that he will meet the
emperor or president. There is a saying in 4P
formula book, “Gentleman must encounter penalty to
become prosperous.”

So what if you are not a gentleman or righteous
person? Most people probably fit into this category.
Classics do not give specific answer to this question.
So it probably no major positive or negative event
will happen.

However, if you were a scumbag or “little person”,
then your life will be miserable when encountering
3-penalties: accidents, surgery and losing big

According to some 4P classics, 3-penalities are not
totally negative. In fact, some classics said if you
see someone suddenly becomes incredibly rich and
famous, it is likely that his/her chart has
“encountered 3-penalties” (meaning luck pillar/s form
3-penalties with 4P chart).

I know you want to get a “3-penalties” now. But how
do you know you are a “gentleman” and not a scumbag?
Simple, just come to my “4P Bootcamp” for more

3-penalties resulted from annual luck has more
damaging power than 6-clashes.

Some military leaders also tend to have 3-penalties in
their charts.

I’ll be demonstrating self-penalty live in India and
Toronto. Any volunteers?

— adapted from “4P Bootcamp” course manual
Copyright (c) 2005, Ken Lai, All rights reserved.

Ken Lai