Note: the following blog was written on Nov. 12, 2005

Before I went to Mexico, everyone told me, “Don’t
drink the water!”

Well, I found Mexican beer tasting better and with 50%
more alcohol content than American beer. So drinking
2 cans of MX beer is as good as drinking 3 cans of US
beer– less trips to bathroom.

If you don’t drink beer, no problem– there are 3- 4
Starbucks Coffee shops within every mile of Mexico City.
But it is more expensive than Mexican beer.

I’ve also drank Mexican water and am still alive and
whining– I made sure the water is boiled.

My MX sponsors Bruno Koppel had offered to translate
my “4P Bootcamp” manual into Spanish.

Poor Bruno did not know what he is getting into.

He did not know my manual is much thicker than the
average 4P manuals.

His wife, Monica, almost killed me when I meet her in
Mexico City.

Bruno had not touched her for many weeks, working days
and nights to translate my manual.

Thanks to Bruno’s hard work, now I have a Spanish
version of “4P Bootcamp” manual that is close to 300 pages.

It is a pity to use it only once if I uphold my vow of
teaching “4P Bootcamp” only once in each country.

So from now on I’ll teach the bootcamp class as many
times as people want me to– in Spanish or English.

Similar to other metaphysics classes in other
countries, most of the Mexican students are females
(now you know why suddenly we have some young men want
to be FS or 4P teachers). But I found MX students are
more active learners. They ask more questions to keep
me awake.

I like Mexican beer and real taco so much that I will
go back there again within a month.

To thank Bruno for his hard work, I’ll throw in “60
Binomial Personalities” as bonus materials for “Applied 4P:
Wealth and Health” seminar, also will be hosted by Bruno in
MX at end of this month.

If Bruno buys me enough beer and tacos, I may throw in
“60 Binomials health table” for the class. This table
predicts potential health problems based on day-master
and birth hour.

Well, I may see you in Wroclaw (Poland) next week.

Ken Lai