Note: The following blog was written on Sept. 5, 2006.

Australian legend Steve Irwin was killed on Monday
when he was stabbed in the chest by a stingray barb.

Here is his 4P chart, the hour is my “guesstimate” .

YEAR : Ren- yin (water tiger)
MONTH: Ren- yin (water tiger)
DAY : Xin- mao (metal rabbit)
HOUR: Ji-chou (earth ox)

10-year luck: Ding-wei (fire ram)
Annual luck: Bing-xu (fire dog)

A quick look of this chart, even without checking for
yong-shen or ji-shen (useful and annoying gods), can
see the guy is in trouble…

— Annual and 10-year luck brought in tons of fire
(hidden or “gong” yin-wu-xu fire 3-unity)
— 10YL Ding fire combines with the two Ren to form
wood, fueling the fire even further. It also removes
the water that was keeping fire from becoming too
— Annual Luck Bing fire tried to combine with DM Xin
metal. But the month branch is not water and so no
combination occurred. Instead Bing fire attacks Xin
— Annual luck branch Xu combines with day branch mao
to form FIRE— more fire
— Based on the freakiness of the accident, it looks
like the work of a 3-penalties (sudden,
unanticipated) . If my hour guess is correct, then
there is a chou-wei-xu 3-penalties for 2006.

The overall picture of this chart is Xin metal (Steve)
was burning from top to bottom.

The 4P chart when Steve was killed:

YEAR: Bing- xu (fire dog)
MONTH: Bing-shen (fire monkey)
DAY : Bing-shen (fire monkey)
HOUR: Gui-si (water snake)

This chart adds:
— 4 more fire elements plus a fire storage
— two bing-shen knocks out (fan-yin) the year and
month pillar of Steve’s chart
— shen-yin-si forms another 3-penaltie, making him
suspectible to unexpected disaster.

Maybe he could have escaped fate if he had delayed his
work by 2 hours (bypass si hour).

However, the next day (today) is ding-you, which
fan-yin his day pillar. It will not be pretty for him

If you notice, he has just changed 10YL in 2006. In
4P, male charts tend to have more changes during the
first year of a new 10YL and for female, it is the
last year of 10YL that has more changes.

I’ve noticed that current year Bing-xu has created
many problems for people with 2+ tigers (yin wood) in
their charts. These are mostly serious health
problems like cancer.

It is because bing-xu can “gong” or from indirect
fire-3-unity combinations. With 2+ tigers in a chart,
it is not difficult to have 2+ fire-unity
combinations. Too much fire in a chart can induce
cancer easily.

Fire has the strange property of making all other
elements suffer: too much fire can evaporate water,
melts metal, drains wood and parches earth…

I’ve written a much longer msg with detailed
explanations. But somehow it got “lost” when I tried
to send it out. I guess it is heaven’s way to tell me
shutting up.

Please pray for Steve to go to other side, as people
with unexpected death normally have their souls stuck
on earth for ages, not knowing that they were already

Ken Lai