Note: The followings are feedbacks from my students in date-selection and Imperial QMDJ classes.

Dear Ken,

My apologies for not writing for so long – I have been
busy. I am so glad that the date selection course has
been well-received. The true knowledge of date
selection have so far been the exclusive knowledge of
a select few. It has been said that date selection is
even harder than Feng Shui because the more date
selection you know, the fewer good dates are
available. So, it is not a matter of knowing a few
methods, but rather knowing which ones work. For
example, if XKDG says this is a good day, it may still
be a bad day because it is the real san sha. Laying
out this information is vital, so that people do not
hurt themselves by accidentally setting off bad
influences, which can then be very hard to correct.

It is my hypothesis that date selection will turn out
to be even more important the Feng Shui in the modern
day context, as its effects are faster and possibly
more long-lasting. I have known Feng Shui clients who
have suffered from bad Feng Shui because the original
move-in date was wrong. When this happens, the pattern
is imprinted onto the qi-blueprint of the house, and
is very difficult to erase. I will be looking forward
to test your talismans on these houses, and I think
you may be right when you say that this will help to
change the qi-field.

I am very impressed by the sample iLuopan that you
sent me. The simplicity is powerful, but I wonder if
you should be releasing this just yet, because of the
number of people who are copying the QMDJ course
material. I think that this is a very original and
unique approach, but should perhaps only be given to
your seminar participants. Your introduction of QMDJ
to the western world has done a great deal to further
the state of Chinese metaphysics.

Feng Shui, date selection and the Chinese mystical
arts have to be used in conjunction for them to be
effective. It is heartening to see that Feng Shui has
become so well-known. It is time for the remaining
secrets to be revealed. Not that many have the karma
to learn from you, but I know those who do will
benefit from what you have to offer.

Yours truly,


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“Practical Date-Selection” , “4P Bootcamp” and “Daoist
Talismans” c.c. are doing very well.

IQMDJ are backordered so far — I don’t know when to
stop working on it even orders are piling up.

Positive results of using Imperial QMDJ have been reported
from Mexico and elsewhere. Today I got a new one:

“I have used (QMDJ Luopan) now already so many times
for my Husband and he is totally stunned by the
results… only problem now he will not do anything
anymore without consulting me in a matter of QMDJ and

This is now nearly 6 month ago , Contracts he had what
went dead I activated with QMDJ there are now in full
bloom again , he is so amazed about it.

You must know my Husband never believed much in FS or
in QMDJ or XKDG but since 6 Month he find the whole FS
and QMDJ awesome.”

Ken Lai