Note: The following blog was written in June 6, 2007

I have just finished my first Daoist Talisman class in
Minneapolis, USA last weekend.

It is also my first “all males” class, so the usual
“mistress-busting talismans” topics are not a big hit
like other classes with mostly female students.

There is a Catholic healer in the class with some
level of psychic capacity. He got goose-bumps when
touching my Talisman manual (blessed and empowered).

He has a special gift of discerning “entities” in
pictures /photos. He showed me one example and
amazingly, I picked up his skill without really
spending time learning it.

We have learned from each other and have developed
some Catholic based talismans and application methods.

The first emphasis and warning in the class is that
talismans cannot be sold because deity is embedded
inside. You can’t sell a deity like an object.

Second warning is that this class is mostly for
protection and talismans should be used as last resort
though there might be talismans available for almost
any aspect of life.

Ghost-busting or fighting is discouraged and not
taught though there are many talismans available in
the class manual for protection from entities.

If one wants his talismans be effective, one needs to
be decent and spiritual to certain extent. In other
words, one needs to be a “good boy”.

You may ask, “why take this class if you can’t sell
talisman and you need to live like a saint?”

I don’t know the answer myself. Maybe some of us want
to expand our service menu to situations that are
beyond human capacity.

Anyway, the class is full of laughs and excitment. We
have a few young men here who are very inventive and
thought of numerous ways of using talismans.

You give a kid a hammer and pretty soon he will use
that hammer to do everything.

A young man, who had taken my “4P Bootcamp c.c.”,
found that from his and his dad’s 4P charts, that his
dad will have a mistress and a boy. He quickly
figures out how to use talisman and 4P remedy to
prevent it from happening (hopefully!) . So the
potential step-brother will not share his inheritance.

Anyway, this Daoist Talismans class focuses on the
ritual, procedures and techniques of drawing almost
any function-specific talismans. Mistress-busting is
only a minor topic. Instead, there are quite a few
talismans for improving relationship available in the

Besides the topics in the manual (you can download a
table of contents of the manual from
http://www.kenlaifengshui. com), we have covered topics like:
— the rules for setting up an altar
— purify, bless and empower any objects
— activate deity statues, holy objects and FS
remedies like ki-lun and lions
— non-talisman approaches for protection of a house
and individual

We have finished the talisman class a few hours early
and students want some instructions for the 4P
Bootcamp c.c. So I have roughly run through the 4PBC
manual. It took almost 8 hours even I have skipped
many “self-explanatory” pages. The day becomes my
longest teaching day— 12+ hours day.

I’m happy with the class as I’ve learned something from the
students and tested new instructional methods to improve
student learning.

Ken Lai