Note: The following was written on May 30, 2002

I have just done an audit of a Chinese restaurant in a Midwest state. It was built in 1977 (period 6) and located in front of a MacDonald.

P.6 Si Mountain/ Hai facing (needs replacement star, ms, ts,ws)

458 931 213
349 567 785 W
894 122 676

Early history is unknown, but the last three owners all filed bankruptcy. It was empty for 2 years until 1996 when my client bought it, remodeled it (new paint, carpets, furniture, but did not replace the roof). They are in business ever since.

Business is OK but the owner has problems keeping helpful employees.

Since they have moved in during Period 7, should I use move-in date or construction date?

Chart for period 7:

586 124 346
457 679 892 W
913 235 781

I’ll let you guess which one that I’ve used. Hint: I’m no fanatic of following the doctrines of any master, including mine (read as: I follow the winner).

Ken Lai